Who we are

We are a small group of people (okay, one for now), who want to connect reenactors with each other and help them find events near them.

What you will find here

We are starting out with a calendar of local events that we will add as we find out about them.  It is our hope that this site can be a master calendar for all events about living history.  We will be starting in New England, since that is our location and where the majority of our contacts live, but eventually we will cover the entire country, if not the world.

We also have a member directory where you can find other re-enactors and living historians.  All information that is included in the member profiles is optional.  Please see our Privacy Policy to see how we will use your data.

Future Features

Our vision for this site includes (in no particular order):

  • Private messaging
  • Event submission by members (currently, only administrators can add events)
  • Social media-style newsfeed (which is expected to remain on the topic of living history only)
  • Project sharing (show off the amazing things that you make)
  • A library of tutorials
  • Storefronts for history-related businesses
  • A newsletter
  • Personal calendars

Current status

Currently, the site is in beta testing, so there may be bugs.  Any item in the menus that is crossed out is not yet developed.  Items that are not crossed out should be fully developed.

Thank you for exploring At the Sign of the Compass.  If you are interested in helping us develop this site, please get in touch with us.